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My Experience Using Yoni Eggs | Yoni Eggs


A few months ago, I purchased yoni eggs. I wrote about that here. I did not try them at first. They were collecting dust on my altar until I decided to finally give them a try. I have been using them since then. The experience has been amazing for me. I am not hyping this up either, my partner loves them too!

I started with the larger egg. The eggs I purchased came in a package of three. The directions said to start with the larger egg. Inserting it was easy. I was worried about the egg getting stuck, but trust me, when it’s ready to come out it will come out. I did a crystal charging ceremony before I inserted the egg. This basically meant I left it in the moonlight overnight and then after held it in my hand and said: “I want to be love and experience love.” I don’t know why that came to me in the moment, but it did.  I washed it off, and then inserted the egg into my vagina (Use some coconut oil if you may be dry).

I decided to make a little video of me talking about my experience.

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  • Soo…. I saw Regina King on Conan speaking about these and while I do appreciate the dedication to receiving good energy from stones, I can’t say that I can cosign the umm route of administration, to use medical terminology lol.

  • Mark Loveday

    Betty Davis. Marvellous!

    • kbut

      Ha, you noticed that? Yes I love Betty Davis