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Creative Goddess Summit



I am participating in a fantastic event which has been created with my readers in mind:


If you have a special gift, a talent, flair for all things creative and you want to share it with the world and make a difference.


>>>Register now for the summit (LINK)


Creative Goddesses from the African Diaspora.
Unleash your Creative Powers and Turn your Passion into Money Making Ventures.


Just for you an amazing array of Creative Goddesses from the African Diaspora have gathered to share their uplifting stories of how they tapped into their creative source to use their talent to reach out and positively affect thousands in their communities


They have shared their stories so you too can discover how to:

  • Transform your creativity into a source of income
  • Change a passion project into a mainstream activity
  • Break the patterns weighing you down to realize your creative vision
  • Build on your natural gifts to create financial and artistic freedom
  • Market your craft, build your community and connect with your natural clients


So register now for free and Learn how to:


  • Turn disadvantage into glorious opportunities
  • Pick up the essential tips of how to rise above the every day and follow your creative calling
  • Turn your dream into a real live project
  • Earn an income from your natural talents
  • Release the Creative Goddess within you and live a life of purpose.


Join now and benefit from the collective wisdom of the Creative Goddesses and set yourself on a path towards creative freedom.


>>>Register here (LINK) and get access to all free interviews starting soon from 17th October 2016.