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Meal Prep Monday – Veggie Curry w/ Rice | Vegan Meal Prep

I wanted to keep the momentum with my meal prep, so I decided to try my hand with a new recipe. This one is for coconut veggie curry with some white rice. I would normally use brown rice, but I just felt this would taste better for the recipe. I got the recipe from one of my favorite places, Minimalist Baker. This recipe was easy, and did not take a long time to make at all!


I started with prepping the veggies. I think this is best, especially for someone who is not a pro like myself. Just makes everything flow. Plus, I forgot the coconut milk (twice!) so I decided to just get this out of the way.


This was actually the first time I have cooked with coconut oil, which adds to the many uses I wrote about here.





I pretty much followed the recipe to a “t” while I made the rice in the rice cooker. I used way too much chili powder ( about a tablespoon) but the added spice made it feel a little more authentic. I made about 2 cups of rice, because I will definitely need more after trying some. Again, you can find the recipe here.